If you are preparing for your marriage or have just started your journey together, this course is for you. This course will provide you with the principles that will enable your marriage to thrive not just survive. Each couple will receive a men’s and women’s workbook with weekly exercises that will personalize and enhance the weekly sessions.

This course is part of the Family Ministry program at Cedar Valley and is to be taken by all couples to be married by any of the Pastors.

Prior to your wedding, a two session personal meeting will be arranged with the officiating Pastor.

Presented by Doug Pankratz, Pastor of Family Ministries at Cedar Valley along with Jenny, his wife of 24 years.

Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts

Seven questions to ask before - and after - you marry

  1. Have you faced the myths of marriage?

  2. Can you identify your love style?

  3. Have you developed the habit of happiness?

  4. Can you say what you mean and understand what you hear?

  5. Have you bridged the gender gap?

  6. Do you know how to fight a good fight?

  7. Are you and your partner soul mates?

  8. Meeting the needs of a generation overwhelmed by divorce odds, relationship experts Les & Leslie Parrott share in their book seven key questions to help couples identify and overcome stumbling blocks to a building a healthy, lifelong marriage.

Exercises and Assessments

Twenty-four exercises will shed amazing new light on the way you are put together, how that affects specific aspects of the way you and your loved one relate, and how you can improve those areas to build a better relationship.

You’ll gain unprecedented insights into

- Your personal “Ten Commandments” - Making your roles conscious - Getting your sex life off to a great start - Identifying your “hot topics” - Your spiritual journey …and much, much more


CEDAR VALLEY CHURCH 32860 Cherry Ave. Mission, BC V2V 2T9


7 classes


$60 per couple includes 1 man’s and 1 woman’s workbook as well as refreshments.

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