Dan Rempel

Senior Pastor

Serving in Mission is a great opportunity to see God working over six decades. Linda and I were raised in this community, went to school with many who still call Mission home, and have seen friends become parents and grandparents. It is an amazing experience to witness growth in life. In the same way we are watching growth in the lives of people who have found life in the good news of Jesus. Our invitation is always an invitation to something deeper, something greater, something amazing. I love to connect and reconnect with the people of Mission because there is a sense of community here.

Doug Pankratz

Family Pastor

As Family Ministries Pastor Doug brings many years of experience in working with minions (children and youth). He is the fearless leader of AWANA, is the mastermind behind our Bible Adventures program, and is always trying to figure out new ways to conquer the world for Jesus. Doug also uses his passion for basketball to connect into the community and inspire young minions to love the game and gain new skills. Doug & Jenny also enjoy counselling soon-to-be-marrieds and preparing them for their futures together. Young Families are where they invest their time to raise up the next generation of world changers (not moon stealers)!

Grant Miller

Youth Pastor

Mission as a dynamic community with so much opportunity to shine. Working with students and young adults gives me an insight into the passions, hopes, and desires of a generation that yearns to influence this City in a positive way. While my hobbies are drawn out across musical endeavors, computer work, and woodworking, my true passion is seeing lives be transformed by the powerful works of God at place. Here at Cedar Valley, we are eager to share our hope for a Christ-led, loving community in Mission and we’re doing that by living it out here and now, everyday!